CZ: Casting

Feature Film – Bad Filmmaker
I am in the process of trying to find actors for various roles in a micro-budget low budget independent feature film.
If you do not completely fit the descriptions of the roles that might not be a problem.
I can send you an invitation to the auditions, if you’re interested.
1. Simon: North American; 35-40; white; short dark hair; average height and body build.
2. Felix: North American; thirties; tall; average body build.
3. Tomas: Czech; thirties; white; light hair colour; athletic body build.
4.Teenage Girl: Czech, 18 or younger looking; white, slim, average height (or tall); preferably pale complexion.
5.Thug: Czech; 20-24; shaved head; tall; athletic build.
6.Clerk: Czech; bearded; somewhat dark complexion; average height and body build.
7.Czech Man: Czech; 50+; dark hair; somewhat over-weight.
8.Cop #1/#2: Czech, 30+; tall; athletic body build; white; #1 bald, #2 short hair.